Saturday, May 15, 2021

Pioneer Plunder 2021

Welcome to Pioneer Plunder 2021.  This is a Kings of War tournament held at (and as a fundraiser for) Caesar's Creek Pioneer Village.  It is being run by the Ohio War Kings and will take place on June 26th, 2021

This will be a 3 round, casual, OUTSIDE, 2300 pt tournament, using the 3rd edition rules, including both Uncharted Empires and the CoK updates from Halpi's Rift (including new living legends, however we will NOT be using the campaign rules/scenarios).

The tournament packet is available here : Tournament Pack, Appearance Scoring

Planned Schedule:
                                                              10:00 - 10:20 - Check in
                                                              10:20 - 10:30 - Welcome
                                                              10:30 -  1:00  - Game 1
                                                                1:00 -  2:00  - Lunch / Appearance Scoring
                                                                2:00 -  4:30  - Game 2
                                                                5:00 -  7:30  - Game 3
                                                                7:45             - Awards

Army lists sent by June 20th to will receive 5 sportsmanship points.  Cost is $15.00, payable in person to either Kara Brown or Mike Carter, or via PayPal to (or just press the handy dandy button below).  Please use the friends and family option, and include your name and army you will play.

This is in a state park, so there is no alcohol allowed (but we are not the booze police).  You can bring coolers with food/drinks if you wish.  There will be food available for purchase on-site to help support the village.

Also note that we will be using two covered areas, and these are about 200' apart, so please bring something to carry your army in (DISPLAY BOARDS WILL NOT BE JUDGED).  Also bring sunscreen and bug repellent as needed.

All proceeds will go to Pioneer Village.