Thursday, January 16, 2020

War Kings III - Return of the War King


Welcome to the War Kings GT 2020.  This is the largest and longest running Kings of War Grand Tournament in Ohio.  Once again we are returning to Epic Loot in Springfield OH for Memorial Day weekend - May 23 & 24 2020.

War King
  • The War King is a custom Living Legend hero who will lead each player’s forces in the tournament.  There will be special scenarios and objectives centered on the War King.
  • This Living Legend should be named.
  • Rules for creating your War King are as follows:
    • Choose a normal hero (not a Living Legend) allowed by your main force. You MAY NOT choose a hero of type Hero(Mon) or Hero(Tnt) - sorry, no upgraded dragons!
    • A unique artifact may be created by choosing up to two legal artifacts. The rules for those two artifacts are combined into a single artifact which is given a new name for the Living Legend. The total cost of the artifacts chosen is added to the cost of the hero. This does not restrict the use of those individual artifacts by other units in the main army force.
      • The Sacred Horn MAY NOT be part of the new unique artifact
      • If the Scrying Gem is part of the War Kings artifact, and it is also taken by another unit, then the effects DO NOT stack – roll for both and choose the result to use.
    • Any upgrades normally allowed by the basic hero chosen may also be chosen by this Living Legend.
    • The War King may NOT duplicate unique living legend spells (just like any other caster)  though he may take them if eligible.
    • The Living Legend is given a single stat line improvement of 1 point to any stat of their choosing.  Upgrades are made AFTER any improvements from the unique artifact are added. The following values may be upgraded
      • Speed
      • Melee (may not be better than 2+)
      • Range (may not be better than 2+)
      • Defense (may not be improved better than 5+, however if the hero already has a 6+ defense then they keep it)
      • Attacks
      • Nerve (increases both waver and route values)
      • Piercing (either add to existing or give War King Piercing(1))
      • Crushing Strength (either add to existing or give War King Crushing Strength(1))
      • Thunderous Charge (either add to existing or give War King Thunderous Charge(1))
      • Spell values (increase the number of dice for a single spell by 1 – this cannot change legendary spells)
      • Regeneration (may not be better than 3+)
    • The War King must pick ONE of the following abilities to add for free:
      • Aura (Fury)
      • Aura (Headstrong)
      • Aura (Iron Resolve (1))
      • Aura (Life Leech (1))
      • Aura (Wild Charge (1))
      • Dread
      • Rallying (1)
    • This hero DOES NOT need to be unlocked via a regiment/horde/legion.  Everyone MUST take one, regardless of any other heroes they take in the army.
    • The maximum total point value allowed for this Living Legend is 250 points (this is part of the 2300 total).

If you give a war king piercing does that effect their spells?
A No, as that potentially would affect too much (vs just their 'normal' shooting attack).  Especially when it could hit things like Fireball.  (I wanted this to be like Bane Chant, but that no longer works on any ranged attacks.)

Q Does the War King's Aura stack with similar rules (Iron Resolve, Life Leech, Wild Charge, Dread, Rallying)?
A No. (That would be too powerful for a free aura).

Tournament Pack available here.

Appearance Scoring: Appearance scoring sheet available here.

We would like to thank the sponsors are donating prize support for our event - without them we wouldn't be able to have such a great tournament

Please use the "friends and family" option via paypal to send your registration (along with your name and the army you will play and your gaming club) to  Only paid registrations will be guaranteed a spot - so get registered early.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Just a place to put information and updates for the Ohio War Kings gaming club.

The Ohio War Kings is a wargaming club based out of Dayton Ohio.  Currently we meet on Friday evenings at 6:00 pm at Epic Loot in Centerville (9130 Dayton-Lebanon Pike 
Centerville, OH 45458).  We have a Facebook group as well (meetings are planned there)

We have formalized our membership.  Membership is available three ways:
  • Associate Member - basically join the Facebook group.  It is free.
  • Full Member - this is now a flat $10 per year.  Our year are based around the roster deadline for the Club discount at Origins.
  • Working Member - this is the same as a full member, but is earned by actually helping out at one of the events we run (our game area at Origins, The War Kings GT, or the Gem City Massacre).  Working earns a free membership for the next year.
  • Finally, there the the Chief Buck Stopper - which is currently assumed for life.  If current Chief Buck Stopper (because the buck stops with him) ever abdicates, then either the club will fold or some other method will be used to determine another one.
Dues go toward things like terrain, game mats, event prize support and other expenses for running events at Origins and tournaments (currently War Kings GT and Gem City Massacre).  In addition, we welcome donations of terrain or prize support for our events (so if you have that regiment box sitting on a shelf you never plan to use we can give ti to someone as a prize).

Things have changed slightly.  Anyone who paid for their membership before February 8th, 2020 or worked an event in 2019 is a full/working member for 2020.

Anyone paying after the roster deadline will be listed as a member for 2021. 

Membership year is from Origins to Origins.  The early bird registration for Origins ends on March 1st, which is why we have set the membership deadline so early.  I will be submitting the list of club members to Origins on February 9th, so membership must be paid up by Feburary 8th, 2020 for a discount to Origins 2020. 

You can pay your dues either in person or via PayPal .

We now also have Ohio War Kings dice.  These are $1.00 each, or 6 for $5.00.  (or you can lose one of my tournaments to get a set of 12 :-) ).

The Ohio War Kings messenger bags ($20.00 each) are currently available, and we do have both polo and button down shirts as well for $25.00 each.