Monday, January 15, 2018

War Kings GT

Welcome to the War Kings GT 2018.  This is the first annual Kings of War Grand Tournament in the Dayton, Ohio area.

This year we are holding it at the Wingate Hotel in Fairborn over April 21st & 22nd 2018.

Cost is $60 before March 1st 2018, $65 after.  You can paypal your payment (please include your name, army and gaming club) to (please use the friends and family option).  You can use the handy button below, but it will add $2.17 to cover the pay pal fees.  (In order to properly cover the fees, you can only do one registration at a time via the button).

Cutoff date for refunds is April 1st, 2018 - after that date we will not be able to refund anyone that has to cancel (sorry, but we have to make commitments based on numbers).

Players who submit their lists by April 15th (send to ) will receive 10 bonus sportsmanship points.  Late list submitted after April 15th but before the event will receive 5 bonus points, and lists not submitted until the day of the even receive none.

There will be six games (4 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday) - all games will be 2250 points.  We will be using the CoK 2018 rules.

We have a group rate at the hotel of $119 / night - just use the group name "War Kings" (unfortunately there is a Winter Guard International competition in town the same weekend, so hotels are a little mor expensive than normal).  And yes, the hotel does have free breakfast!

More details and information on our sponsors as soon as we have them.

War King

  • A custom Living Legend hero will lead each player's forces as the War King. This unique character may be used in every game played in addition to the regular force chosen by the player and does not need to be unlocked. 
  • Your War King should be named. 
  • Rules for creating your War King are as follows:
    • Choose a normal hero (not a current Living Legend) allowed by your main force. You MAY NOT choose a hero of type Hero(Mon) - sorry, no upgraded dragons!
    • A unique artifact may be created by choosing up to three legal artifacts. The rules for those three artifacts are combined into a single artifact which is given a new name for the Living Legend. The total cost of the artifacts chosen are added to the cost of the hero. This does not restrict the use of those individual artifacts by other units in the main army force. 
    • Any upgrades normally allowed by the basic hero chosen may also be chosen by this Living Legend. 
    • The Living Legend is given a single stat line improvement of 1 point to any stat of their choosing. The maximum Defense may NOT be increased above 5+ (however if the hero already has a 6+ defense then they keep it). The maximum Range or Melee stat is 2+. If Nerve is chosen, both the Waiver and Route values are raised by 1. This adjustment does not increase the point value calculating the value of this character. 
    • This hero DOES NOT need to be unlocked via a regiment/horde/legion.  Everyone MUST take one, regardless of any other heroes they take in the army.
    • The maximum total point value allowed for this Living Legend is 250 points.

Tournament Pack is available here.  If you do not have a copy of Clash of Kings 2018, the rule and unit changes, as well as new spells and magic items, can be found here.

Appearance Scoring: We will be using the same scoring as we have for our other events.  You can download a copy here

We would like to thank the sponsors are donating prize support for our event - without them we wouldn't be able to have such a great tournament

Click the button below to register via paypal (there is a $2.17 'shipping' charge to cover the paypal fees)