Membership Roster

Here are the current paid members for 2018 (membership runs from Origins 2017 to Origins 2018 April 1st, 2018 (after which the club roster for Origins discounts has to be turned in)).  Anyone who helps with an event will receive $10.00 credit toward membership (which automatically puts you at the Troop level).  Regiment and above is required to receive the Club discount for Origins.

Troop ($10)

  • Andrew Wodzianski
  • David Baker
  • Jesse Cornwell
  • Kyle Przelenski
  • Paul Lang

Regiment ($25)

  • Derrick Byrd
  • Donny Harville
  • Erik Carter
  • Jason Herald
  • Jon Carter
  • Lee Montgomery
  • Matthew Carter
  • Megan Goins

Horde ($50)

  • Amy Stamper
  • Felix Castro
  • Jason J Clemings
  • Kara Brown
  • Keith Ambrose
  • Lee Wygant

Legion (restricted)

  • Mike Carter

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